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Adobe Commitment to ColdFusion Shown in Financial Report

February 16, 2011

From Adobe's latest Form 10-K is, amongst other mentions of ColdFusion, the following quote:

Our ColdFusion business improved during fiscal 2010 due to the improving macro-economic environment, as well as due to continued innovation in the products' feature sets to address the evolving needs of ColdFusion developers. We will continue to invest in the capabilities ColdFusion platform in fiscal 2011 to maintain and grow revenue in this market.

I am no financial expert but a Form 10-K is signed off on by Directors and above at any publicly traded company and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This is not a marketing statement or a blog entry from "someone in the know", these are statements that if given falsely could place the company and directors in trouble. It is a clear, definitive statement that Adobe is committed to and investing in ColdFusion. Huge hat tip to Rob Brooks-Bilson for this one.


Sure, but if you sell 4 copies of CF rather than 3 the previous year, your business has theoretically "improved." Unless and until Adobe starts breaking out revenue by product -- and to be fair they don't do this for any of their server products that I'm aware of -- none of these statements, even if made in a Form 10-K, really mean a whole lot other than to remind people that the product still exists.

By: Anon 02/16/2011 11:35 PM

By: Sam Farmer 02/17/2011 8:07 AM
This sounds like good news to me. Regardless of whether any outside observer would consider sales of ColdFusion to be "high" is a separate discussion. The point here is that Adobe considers ColdFusion sales to be growing and worthy of continued investment. Thanks for the good information!

By: Steve Bryant 02/17/2011 10:07 AM
You know, I don't think any serious business, especially one that makes billions of dollars in sales every year, would risk it all to make a false statement in a SEC filing. Especially if they're looking to grow their business. I really have to wonder about people who don their Anon cloaks when it comes to expressing their concerns about Adobe. Yes, I do have some concerns, but I have to trust that Adam took the utmost care to pass the baton on to people who can do the job, and to make sure Adobe backs this move as well as future plans 100%. I'm looking forward to hearing from the new team leaders on their vision for CFX.

By: Lola LB 02/17/2011 10:43 AM
I also don't think ColdFusion is heading for the dumper, but the SEC filing verbiage really doesn't mean much. All companies use this kind of phrasing in their forms. You don't get much information and even if a product is doing better, companies have sold them off or kept them anyway for a lot of reasons. I plan to be doing ColdFusion programming for many years to come unless it is pulled out of my corporate datacenter or I retire.

By: RogerTheGeek 02/17/2011 2:10 PM
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