Sam Farmer

Growing up I never imagined I would play bass guitar for the Dave Matthews Band. And indeed it never happened.

But I have become passionate about making software.


I started my technical blog in April 2007 and have enjoyed writing about ColdFusion, jQuery and web applications. In late 2012 I placed my blog in hibernation mode. In total I wrote over 100 entries most of which are now archived on Amazon s3 and listed below.


Out of retirement for one final blog entry
ColdFusion 11 and Me


bear: ORM text-based diagram
debugClean Version 2
Presentations from RIACon
10 Little Ones: The New Array Features
10 Little Ones: What are Implicit Accessors?
Speaking at RIACON 2012
CF Developer Week: 19 Sessions, 5 Days
Searching ORM: First Why, Then How -- Slides from cf.Objective()
ColdFusion 10 is Released!
Crack your laptop open, we'll crack a beer at the Hackathon
10 Little Ones: Automatic CFC Init (#5)
10 Little Ones: Specify Language Version on Per Project Basis in Builder (#4)
10 Little Ones: Write and Append Enhancements for cffile (#3)
10 Little Ones: For in loop for Queries (#2)
10 Little Ones: Memory and CPU Figures (#1)
So What is ColdFusion 10?
Looking for a ColdFusion job?
Add a keyboard shortcut to a Builder extension
Excited to Speak at cf.Objective() 2012 (Plus job opportunities)


debugClean, fixed for most Windows installs
Next release of ColdFusion has websockets, closures, enhanced security, REST and more
Slides and Code: 5 Ways To Improve Your App with ORM
Slides for jQuery & Media Queries: Optimize your screen or app for every screen size
How I Got Started in ColdFusion
RIACON is less than two weeks away; Register NOW!
Simple Example of jQuery Templates Loading JSON data
Using structures/maps instead of arrays in ORM
Codey: A Scribble Pad for ColdFusion Builder
RIACON: A new ColdFusion, Javascript and Flex Conference this summer
Using media queries and a little jQuery to make your site work for all users
CF Dude, What's in the cache?
Getting more out of ColdFusion Builder: Task Tracking with Mylyn, SVN, Git Tools
10 New ColdFusion Builder Keyboard Shortcuts
ColdFusion Builder 2 Real Quick: 9 new or improved features
Eclipse or ColdFusion Builder Giving You Problems? Give It a Clean
Adobe Commitment to ColdFusion Shown in Financial Report
Thoughts on the Change in Product Manager for ColdFusion
The one where I try ColdFusion 9 ORM secondary cache and decide its awesome
Starting Solr for ColdFusion on a Mac
Update to debugClean and an interesting use of URL scope


How to use ORM and onSessionEnd()
debugClean, a ColdFusion Builder Extension to Check for Debug Free Code
Sharing Data Across Instances with objectSave() and objectLoad()
ORM and Dates? You probably want timestamp
Mr. Camden Goes To Washington (Capital Area ColdFusion User Group)
Slides for ORM presentation and a correction on Inverse
Quick fix for 9.0.1 dump not showing method changes
Virtual File Explorer and c:\wtf.html
Example of multiple datasources for ORM in 9.0.1
ColdFusion Builder Extensions and forms: The easy way
Thoughts on building with a ColdFusion Builder extension with Flex
Virtual File Explorer Released! ColdFusion Builder Extension to view, edit and delete your virtual files and directories.
ColdFusion Builder Variable Mappings is Cool, Useful (but Unfinished)
5 Things I love about ColdFusion Builder
Liking using implicit arguments for ColdFusion 9 functions
Infinite entities, cfgrid and one cfc to handle the data
Thoughts on first Flex/Air app
In ColdFusion 9, what isNull() and what is it good for
Thoughts on my first ColdFusion 9 application going into production
How in one line to extend ColdFusion by writing CFC's
Using ORM Event Handler to easily and automatically add audit information
2010: Speaking at CFUnited and an Adobe Community Professional!
Adding ExtJS Effects to cfwindow


Dynamically injecting data into an Object
Using StructKeyExists to find if an object has a function
ColdSpring autowire byType plus ColdFusion 9 accessors means less code
Cool New cfGrid Tricks
Exploring ColdFusion 9: The Four New Data Types in CFGrid
ColdFusion One Liners Presentation at CFinNC Slides Posted
Adobe Listens: Feedback Shows up in ColdFusion 9
Speaking at CF in NC...Come Along and Enter to Win a Flip CF Dude Camera
Use cfajaximport to help with CF8 to CF9 migration
Ten ColdFusion 9 One-Liners
Adding CVS to ColdFusion Builder Standalone
Submitting a cfform inside a cfdiv to a new page
Should Ben Forta Twitter? What the Stats Say Plus my Quick Review of Twitter
Kill That Thread!


CFUnited Presentations Posted: Intro to CFML plus Creating, Manipulating and Printing PDFs
cfAjaxProxy and Mach-II
Five Cool Additions and One Undocumented Function in 8.0.1
cfaui (Adobe User Intelligence) tags and functions up on Adobe Labs
My 30onAir Video
How to Add a Derby Database with DerbyCFC
Two Thumbs Up: Lynda Online Training
DerbyCFC: New Project with createIfNotExists function for Derby Databases


Turn Long URLs in to Short Ones with ShortURL
How Interfolio Uses ColdFusion 8
ColdFusion 8: Append File Faster and Leaner
Learn CF, Write CF Tutorials and Win CF
Would you like to code this way?
Two ColdFusion 8 Features Make My Day a Little Easier
ColdFusion 8: How to cfDump Vars
Ten ColdFusion 8 One-Liners
How Adobe Could Tie Blogs and Livedocs
A Slogan for ColdFusion
A big thank you to the CF Community
A First Step Towards CAFE Development
O'Reilly Wants a New ColdFusion Book
Scorpio Tour Comes to Washington, DC Today for 3 Gigs
Tip: Using the getTempDirectory Function for Temp Files Intended for Download
Ben Nadel's POIUtility is the Coolest Open Source CF Addition This Year
How to Dump Vars
The First Post