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How I Got Started in ColdFusion

August 1, 2011

I needed a quick way to create cheap energy and so...

Ok, cheap joke out of the way. ColdFusion was the third language that I tried and I was impressed at how much I could easily. I had been hired without ever writing a line of ColdFusion and so was taking a bit of a gamble that I could do it (as was the company!). I was able to pick it up pretty quickly. I put this down to working for a great company and with some colleagues who knew more than I did. I was learning stuff, doing cool stuff and having fun.

That was with version 3.1. Since then I've learnt some stuff, written some cool stuff and had fun. And written the odd bug or two. Before ColdFusion I had written two other languages.

The first piece of programming I did was with JavaScript. This was back in 1995 and I remember getting excited that I could write a script that would display the date and time in a nice format. I did some programming in high school with, I think, BASIC but all I remember was changing the color of text and using GOTO and being pretty unimpressed with it all.

The second language I used was Perl (I'm ignoring HTML and SQL for this post). I had an assignment at work to produce hundreds of reports. The initial plan was to do this by hand but someone suggested using Perl and the next thing I was off on a Perl training class. I loved it. The ability to write a script and have all these reports come out was great. At that point I was truly hooked on being a programmer.

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