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Thoughts on the Change in Product Manager for ColdFusion

February 11, 2011

Since 2000 there have been three ColdFusion product managers; Tim Buntel until February 2006, Jason Delmore from April 2006 to December 2008, and Adam Lehman from February 2009

Each time a new guy came in ColdFusion got better, more vision is added and the next release surpassed the previous one. In sports there is a saying that "no one is bigger than the team" and it is a saying that is true to many other things as well such as languages or products. ColdFusion is way bigger than any one person. The development is done by a big team with a wonderful community around it surrounded by hundreds of thousands of developers.

There is also a pattern to ColdFusion releases. There is a period of reflection and vision setting and of talking to customers. Then comes the actual development, testing, betas, releases. It is pretty clear where ColdFusion is right now. Spend some time on this blog post by Adam and the new vision sounds very exciting. And Adobe is upping resources to meet that vision.

I spend a fair amount of time outside of work, playing with and testing ColdFusion and writing blog entries. I plan to keep on doing that. The future is exciting.

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