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A First Step Towards CAFE Development

June 26, 2007

CAFE development — thats my name for developing with:

Part of my job at work is to evaluate future technologies and to see how we may use them in the future.  This week at FlexManiacs and CFUnited (which for personal reasons I can only attend for one day unfortunately) I am going to take a look at these technologies.  With all of these technologies currently in beta its quite an exciting time especially with, depending on your install selections, LiveCycle Data Services Express Edition running inside of the ColdFusion server.

Today, I had four sessions with the founding partners of Tapper Nimer Associates and two others that covered CF, Flex and Apoolo.  So, briefly, what did I learn?

I'm starting to sketch together some ideas where we may want to use CAFE instead of HTML and AJAX though I really need to hear Tom Jordahl's session to get an understanding of LiveCycle Data Services Express Edition (could Adobe make that name longer?) and CF.

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