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A Slogan for ColdFusion

July 10, 2007

With a release date for ColdFusion 8 around the corner I've been thinking about what would make a good slogan for ColdFusion.  Its unclear if ColdFusion, or any Adobe product, actually has a slogan.  The current ColdFusion 7 page states:

Create powerful Internet applications faster and more easily than ever before

Which is ok but is more a description (and a buzzword bingo compliant one) than a true slogan.  I'm thinking in terms of "Think Different" by Apple or "Just Do It" by Nike which tell you what you can do with the product not what the product does.  Personally I find myself more attracted to slogans that are empowering not descriptive.

At Adobe's booth at CFUnited they had a new slogan which I liked:

Adobe ColdFusion: 12 Years of Making Hard Things Easy

And, oddly enough, it is similar to a slogan I have been thinking of for a while:

ColdFusion 8: Making the Complicated Straightforward

Which could also be:

ColdFusion 8: Making Hard Things Easy

Mike Nimer in a presentation at FlexManiacs said he views ColdFusion as the IT bridge since it can talk to just about every platform out there.  I also heard this from a few other Adobe employees who I spoke to at CFUnited and FlexManiacs  So another potential slogan would be:

ColdFusion 8: The IT Bridge

Which does not work for me as a slogan. I think it has potential and could form the idea for an advertisement but is not sexy enough to be the main slogan for the product. I can't decide which I like more "Making the Complicated Straightforward" or "Making Hard Things Easy".  Is it more than a matter of syllables?

What do you think?

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