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Adobe Listens: Feedback Shows up in ColdFusion 9

October 8, 2009

Around two years, just after the successful launch of ColdFusion 8, I emailed some of the top dogs on the Adobe ColdFusion team about features for ColdFusion 9.  These where my suggestions and whether they made CF9:

The ColdFusion team did not listen just to me of course, from conversations I've had with them they listen to just about every blog post, review all ERs sent in and go out and talk to customers about their vision.  I've participated in the latter and they are very good sessions.

Overall I'm excited with the new features in ColdFusion 9 and pleased that my feedback was listened to (and mostly showed up in the final release) but I'm actually more excited about the features I did not suggest such as:

Congratulations to the whole ColdFusion team and all of those who have worked on the release of 9!

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