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ColdFusion 8: How to cfDump Vars

September 5, 2007

A while back I posted an undocumented way to dump the var scope. Well, ColdFusion 8 has changed its internals a bit and, as a consequence, that method no longer returns the actual var scope. This is a good reminder to never use undocumented features in production.

There is still a way to dump the var scope in ColdFusion 8:

<cfdump var="#getPageContext().getActiveFunctionLocalScope()#">

Now, this will also return the arguments and this scope which may be overkill or may be usefull. To see just the var scope use the hde attribute of cfdump and do this:

<cfdump hide="arguments,this" var="#getPageContext().getActiveFunctionLocalScope()#">

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