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ColdFusion Builder Variable Mappings is Cool, Useful (but Unfinished)

June 3, 2010

I used this feature today and it really sped up my development so while a few others have blogged about it I thought I would mention it.

Variable mappings are a ColdFusion project setting that maps a variable anywhere in your project to a CFC and provides code assist/insight on it.

Its simple to set up:

  1. Right click on a project and select 'Properties'
  2. From the left menu click on 'ColdFusion Variable Mappings'
  3. To add a mapping click on 'New' enter in a variable name and the path to the cfc.  This is the same path you would use in your code and can include mappings but is case-sensative.

Its extremely useful and a productivity boost.

Variable Mapping

How could it be improved?

1. A setting to turn this on automatically for all persistent cfc's.  As persistent cfc's are unique accross an application there would be no name clashes. The variable name would be the entity name. (I've added this as an enhancement but can not find it)

2. Make the mapped to field case insensitive.

3. Improve the UI: Add an edit option. (Vote for this bug)  Add some intelligence to the mapped to cfc. (Vote for this bug)

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