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How Adobe Could Tie Blogs and Livedocs

July 19, 2007

There has been a lot of excellent blog posts about ColdFusion 8 by bloggers such as Ray Camden, Ben Nadel, Ben Forta, Ashwin Mathew, and many, many more, indeed Ahamed on the CF team has two blogs. Most of this content now lives, for all intents and purposes, in the the world of Google (or other search engines).

Could Adobe make this content more accessible?

Of course! Here are two new, related features to livedocs that I think would be a great addition, and not just for ColdFusion, its the same for all the great Flex, Flash and other Adobe related blogs.

  1. Add a blog/other sources section on livedocs for each tag and function. Anyone could submit a blog entry to this section and once submitted the title and a link to the entry would show up.  Other sources would include knowledge based articles and other content from the Adobe web site.
  2. Users of livedocs could rate a blog entry as useful or flag it as not appropriate. Over time the more useful entries would rise to the top while anything flagged could be looked at by a person and deleted if needed.

I think the ColdFusion documentation is very good.  The purpose of adding blog entries to livedocs would be to compliment it and create one central place that has everything related to cfquery or any other tag or function.

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