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Infinite entities, cfgrid and one cfc to handle the data

March 10, 2010

While writing SpreadEdit I wanted every entity to be editable via cfgrid.  In particular I thought it would be cool to have one cfc on the back end to process the data from cfgrid no matter what entity it was working with.  With ColdFusion 9 and ORM this proved possible and is pretty cool, check out the screencast.  Code the other side of the embed.

Here is the code for genericGrid.cfc:

<cffunction name="getData" access="remote" returnformat="JSON">
     <cfargument name="page" required="true">
     <cfargument name="pageSize" required="true">
     <cfargument name="gridSortColumn" required="true">
     <cfargument name="gridSortDirection" required="true">
     <cfargument name="entity" required="true">
     <cfif ! len( arguments.gridSortColumn )>
          <cfset arguments.gridSortColumn = "1">
     <cfset local.getTasks = ormExecuteQuery( " FROM #arguments.entity# ORDER BY #arguments.gridSortColumn# #arguments.gridSortDirection#" )>
    <cfreturn queryconvertforgrid( entityToQuery( local.getTasks ),, Arguments.pageSize)>
<cffunction name="setData" access="remote">
     <cfargument name="action" required="true">
     <cfargument name="row" required="true">
     <cfargument name="changed" required="true">
     <cfargument name="entity" required="true">
     <cfif arguments.action eq "U">
          <cfset local.obj = entityLoad( arguments.entity, arguments.row, true )>
          <cfloop collection="#arguments.changed#" item="local.key">
               <cfinvoke component="#local.obj#" method="set#local.key#">
                    <cfinvokeargument name="#local.key#" value="#arguments.changed[ local.key ]#">
     <cfelseif arguments.action eq "I">
          <cfset local.obj = entityNew( arguments.entity )>
          <cfloop collection="#arguments.row#" item="local.key">
               <cfif local.key neq "CFGRIDROWINDEX">
                    <cfinvoke component="#local.obj#" method="set#local.key#">
                         <cfinvokeargument name="#local.key#" value="#cleaned( arguments.row[ local.key ] )#">
     <cfset entitySave( local.obj )>
<cffunction name="cleaned" access="private" >
     <cfargument name="string" required="true">
     <cfset var ret = arguments.string>
     <!--- check for date --->
     <cfif reFind( "[[:digit:]]{4}-[[:digit:]]{2}-[[:digit:]]{2}T[[:digit:]]{2}:[[:digit:]]{2}:[[:digit:]]{2}",
               ret )>
          <cfset ret = rereplaceNoCase( ret, "T", " " )>
     <cfreturn ret>

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