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Two Thumbs Up: Lynda Online Training

February 8, 2008

I have been learning Flex for a few months and the best resource I've found is Lynda online training. They have several Flex courses including many that focus on ColdFusion and Flex communication (and some on .NET and Java) and this has been extremely useful. I learn new topics and languages quicker from training and having the video's of all topics available at any time has been a big boost. Most video's are 3-10 minutes long which means I can pick up a new topic or part of a new topic during a moment of scheduled or unscheduled downtime.

One other huge advantage to the Lynda subscription is the sheer number of courses they offer that focus mainly on Apple and Adobe products. There are five ColdFusion courses that are very good and they complete the web development area with classes on CSS, HTML and SQL. Course's exist for many other products, for instance, at work we just bought a XServe and the Lynda training has proved invaluable in setting it up.

Overall I give the Lynda online movies two thumbs up!

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