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Virtual File Explorer Released! ColdFusion Builder Extension to view, edit and delete your virtual files and directories.

June 15, 2010

The addition of a virtual file system, essentially RAM based files, in ColdFusion 9 is a very cool one and very useful at times.  Working with the virtual file system can be problematic though as, well, its virtual and therefore hard to see!

Enter the ColdFusion Builder extension called Virtual File Explorer that provides this insight.

The image above is shrunk so you'll have to download and install the extension to see its true beauty.  The interface above shows the following features:

The edit file interface is basic but functional:

I've tagged this as version 0.8.  I have some ideas for what would be nice for version 1 but I'd also love to hear from you for any ideas or problems you come across. Thanks also to Raymond Camden for testing and providing great feedback. 

Download Virtual File Explorer now!

Later in the week I'll blog my thoughts about building an extension.

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