Sam Farmer

Growing up I never imagined I would play bass guitar for the Dave Matthews Band. And indeed it never happened!


I like to make things better.

I make achievable plans that tie into a long-term vision through collaboration, focus and humor. During 20+ years in technology I have developed, coded, hacked, managed, mentored, led, deployed, designed UX & UI, and performed just about every role. Over time I've learned that making great software involves technology, people and process.

Born and raised in London, England I am now a resident of Washington, DC where I live with my wife and two daughters. Most weeks I play or coach soccer and am an avid Arsenal fan.

Software Writing

Enterprise Architecture as Strategy Book Review
Choosing the Next Great Thing


I enjoy the full cycle of presentations — the research, working out how to frame ideas, overcoming nerves — and present often at work to different audiences. I've presented at numerous conferences over the years going back to 2008:

Technical Blog

I started my technical blog in 2007 to improve my writing skills and share my knowledge. I blogged fairly regularly covering ColdFusion, ORM, jQuery, JavaScript and CSS through 2012. I wanted to preserve my content even though it is largely outdated and wrote a script to create static pages and host them on Amazon S3.

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You can find me on LinkedIn, github, Twitter, Stack Overflow, and Lanyrd.